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Hamid Karzai’s statement came out in the midst of the war between Taliban and Panjshir fighters, said this

Afghanistan Crisis: The Taliban have captured almost the whole of Afghanistan. After the withdrawal of US forces, almost the entire country is now in the hands of the Taliban, but the Northern Alliance in Panjshir is not ready to lay down arms before the Taliban fighters. Both the factions are face to face and the war is on. Meanwhile, former Afghan President Hamid Karzai issued a statement urging both sides to end the quarrel.

According to Afghanistan’s news channel Tolo News, Hamid Karzai in his statement has told the Taliban and the Northern Alliance present in Panjshir that both sides should stop the war and resolve their issue through dialogue.

Women demanded their rights

Women’s rights activists took out a rally in Kabul, Afghanistan, in which many women were present. Those women demanded from the Taliban and the international community to ensure an important role for women in the future government. He also called for recognition of women’s political, economic and social rights.”

Preparations begin for government formation in Taliban

After the return of America, the Taliban intensified efforts to form their government in Afghanistan. According to Taliban sources, the founding member of the Taliban, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, may get the command of the Taliban government. According to sources, Sher Mohammad Abbas and Mullah Yakub will also get important responsibility and the government will be formed within two to three days.

The Center reprimanded the Center for not making a policy to give compensation on death from Corona, the Supreme Court said- ‘By the time you do something, the third wave will also have passed’

Afghanistan News: Mullah Baradar will get command of Talibani government in Afghanistan – Reuters


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