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Hajj 2021: If you do not get Kovid-19 vaccine, you will not be able to do Haj this year, Saudi government’s decree

Hajj 2021: The Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia has said that this year only those who have taken the dose of Kovid-19 vaccine will be allowed to perform Haj. Saudi newspaper Okaz has given this report citing a circular signed by the Health Minister. According to the report, “Kovid-19 vaccination is mandatory for those wishing to undertake Haj pilgrimage and this will be one of the many conditions for obtaining permission for Haj pilgrimage”.

No Haj if you did not take Kovid-19 vaccine

In 2020, the government had drastically reduced the number of Haj pilgrims due to Corona virus epidemic. As part of the protective measures, only one thousand people were allowed by the royal country to perform Haj, including Saudi citizens, including immigrants living in the country. This year’s Hajj will be held in the month of July. But Saudi Arabia has not yet decided on the number of passengers allowed for the Haj pilgrimage in view of Kovid-19. The Umra, which was postponed in March due to the Kovid-19 pandemic last year, resumed in October 2020. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah estimates that 19 lakh people have paid Umrah by January this year.

Saudi government’s decree for travel

Every year before the epidemic, 2 million Haj pilgrims from different countries used to come to Saudi Arabia to perform Haj. Last month, the government postponed air travel to 20 countries, including India and the US, to curb the growing number of cases of Kovid-19 in the country. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and a visit to Mecca and Medina is a must for every financially affluent Muslim in the world. Hajj is a major source of income of the Saudi government. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Minority Welfare of the Government of India has given information on the website that the process for Haj 2021 will be announced after getting instructions from the Ministry of Saudi Haj and Umrah.

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