Hai Duong tested all drivers

All drivers carrying goods from Hai Duong to other provinces and cities were tested from the afternoon of February 20, and returned results within 24 hours.

Facing the situation of Covid-19, some provinces and cities stipulate that drivers carrying goods from Hai Duong must have a nonCoV negative test paper to pass through the pins. To support the drivers, the Department of Health has asked the Center for Disease Control of Hai Duong province (CDC Hai Duong) to take samples and test.


– Place of registration and testing: Area of ​​Reproductive Health Care Clinic. Address: Lane 144, Quang Trung street, Quang Trung ward, Hai Duong city.

– Sampling time: Starting from the afternoon of February 20. Morning from 7:30 to 12:00, afternoon from 13:00 to 16:30, including Saturday, Sunday.

Test results are returned within 24 hours of sample collection (except under exceptional circumstances).

The Department of Health requires drivers to bring their driver’s license when they come to collect samples for testing and strictly wear masks and spacing to prevent epidemics in accordance with regulations.

The driver should contact the Provincial Centers for Disease Control in advance at 0396063115 to schedule a sample collection. The cost for sampling and testing shall be paid by the driver or the transport vehicle owner.

The Hai Duong functional forces were at the checkpoint on the evening of February 15, a few hours before the entire province was put into social isolation. Image:Giang Huy

On the afternoon of February 20, the Ministry of Health recorded 6 cases of positive nCoV, all in Hai Duong, bringing the total number of cases in this province to 596.

Across the country, up to now the total number of infections has risen to 2,368, out of 1,627. The death toll from Covid-19 was 35, with four deaths after three to four negative tests. The rest of the patients remained healthy, of which 69 people tested negative for nCoV once, 39 were negative for the second time and 55 were negative for the third time.

Most patients had no clinical manifestations (82.5%), had mild clinical manifestations (14.7%), and had a severe, severe and critical prognosis.

The Ministry of Health recommends that people continue to strictly comply with the 5K requirement, especially wearing masks, not gathering people and strictly complying with epidemic prevention guidelines at offices, agencies, factories, and factories. , production facilities ensure working safety. The units strengthened the inspection and examination and required strict handling of violations.

Thuy An


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