Ha Tinh is about to clear the ball of nCoV

As of September 26, Ha Tinh still has one Covid-19 patient being treated at Ha Tinh Lung Hospital and one re-positive case to monitor health at home.

At noon of September 26, patients 323453 and 323454 treated at Lung Hospital were announced to be cured after 14 days of treatment, twice negative for nCoV. They were discharged from the hospital and continued to monitor their health for 14 days.

Doctor Truong Hong Linh, Director of Ha Tinh Lung Hospital, said that the last patient treated at the unit from September 16 to now, is now in good health, is expected to be eligible for more than a week. discharge from hospital.

Ha Tinh Lung Hospital is treating the remaining Covid-19 patients in the area. Photo: Duc Hung

From June 4 to now, Ha Tinh has recorded 451 people positive for nCoV. The province is isolating 845 people, has not recorded community infections for 23 days, the number of cured cases is 383. The province has no more areas to be blocked, from 0:00 on September 23, the government allows the Business establishments, services and intra-provincial buses are back to work but must comply with 5K regulations.

According to the health sector, the epidemic in Ha Tinh is in a new normal state, but caution is needed, because Covid-19 in two neighboring provinces, Nghe An and Quang Binh, is complicated. Some southern provinces have reduced the level of blockade, so the possibility of people returning to the locality is very large, there will be more infections…

Duc Hung