H2O AM begins to clean up its ranks

In turmoil for months, H2O Asset Management (AM), begins to emerge from the silence. And to take action. The London management company, from which Natixis is in the process of offloading, announces on Wednesday the departure of two managers, Gonzague Legoff and Jean-Jacques Duhot. If H2O says it has “Accepted with regret” the “Decision to leave” of the first, he does not say a word about the second, yet promoted to deputy director of investments Vincent Chailley, in September 2019.

Former Crédit Agricole AM ​​like Bruno Crastes and Vincent Chailley, the co-founders of H2O, Gonzague Legoff joined the company from its creation in 2010. Jean-Jacques Duhot for his part founded Blue Arctic Capital, a quantitative management company acquired in 2017 by H2O. The sudden departure of these second knives strongly resembles a dismissal, justified by the “Refocusing” of the management company on global fixed income (rates), global equities (equities) and global macro. It is accompanied by the closure of two small alternative funds H2O Fidelio and H2O Atlanterra, which were each managed by one of the two men, while H2O MultiEquities passes from the hands of Gonzague Legoff to those of Vincent Chailley.

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