Guillaume Pepy (Initiative France): “Starting a business is the most beautiful of professional adventures”

Guillaume Pepy (Initiative France) was the eco guest on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

The former president of SNCF Guillaume Pepy is now at the head of the Initiative France network, an associative network for financing business creators and buyers for a wide audience. Eco guest of franceinfo Tuesday February 2 Guillaume Pepy assures it: “qhen in France today you want to start a business, there is money and support. “

What conclusions do you draw from your action during this difficult economic and health period?

Guillaume Pepy: After three years, nine out of ten businesses that we have helped are still there and operating, whereas on average there are usually only six out of ten. 22,000 business leaders and volunteers give time to advise.

Who are Initiative France services for?

To everyone, but there is only one thing: you have to have an idea that will turn into a project, the project will turn into a business and the business will turn into jobs. Support is offered for three to five years, or even longer if the young designer needs and wants it. (…) When today in France you want to create a business, there is money and support.

How do business leaders feel in the field?

The damage is heavy. Young people who started their businesses a few years ago tell us that they must first survive before they can even think of rebounding. But 70% of those who have created their business tell us that if they had to do it again, they would do it again, even if they sharply reduced their salaries.

Can the French economy afford a third lockdown?

Sanitarily, I have no opinion. But that would cause consumption to plunge sharply and it would shut down new businesses. The obsession that we must have today is to find health solutions that do not block consumption. The recovery cannot be just public money, taxes and duties that one day we will end up paying. The French must consume.

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