Grégory Montel, a unique actor

PORTRAIT – Revealed in the series Ten percent, the actor is showing in two films, Dear Lea, by Jérôme Bonnell, and Pink, by Aurélie Saada.

“Behind his lunar air, which I could identify with, Grégory Montel has something very impetuous that I adore. He is an actor of the moment ”, estimates Jérôme Bonnell, who directed it in Dear Lea, currently at the cinema. In fact, here is the boy in question, a broad smile on his lips, sparkling eyes, in jeans and sneakers. Passing a hand through his mop, he crouched down to put logs in the fireplace in the living room of the Hotel Providence, near the main boulevards. The waiter who brings him a Coke is surprised at such helpfulness, but lets him do it. In a little while, on the other side of the street, the actor will go and applaud the excellent Grégory Gadebois, his partner and friend, in Flowers for Algernon, at the Théâtre du Petit Saint-Martin. In Dear Lea, the latter is the owner of the bistro that welcomes Grégory Montel, a romantic contractor who cannot accept his separation from Anaïs Demoustier.

“I’m interested in looking for more measured things …

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