Great ideas to reuse old Android phones

Photo storage

Pictures often take up a lot of space on your device, so store them on your old phone to add more space to your new device. You can use your new device to take pictures and then send them to your old phone to free up space.

Old Android phones can still be used for many things


You can use your old phone for entertainment purposes such as watching movies, listening to music, reading books, playing games, while the main phone will be used for work and communication purposes.

You can download specialized e-book readers such as: Teabook, Wattpad, Vina Reader…Also, you can use your old phone to download your favorite movies, songs or play games, thereby helping to save battery and space for the main phone. The special thing is that you will not be bothered or interrupted by calls, messages or app notifications.

Wifi Hotspot

Most Android devices are capable of being used as Wi-Fi hotspots and can be used to enable Internet on nearby wireless devices.

If you have an Android device, follow these steps to enable the hotspot: Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Tethering & portable hotspot > Select portable WiFi hotspot.

Security camera

To turn your old phone into a home camera, you need to download a security camera app to get started, such as Alfred. You should put your phone in a place with the best view for easy viewing when you are far away. Or if you’re at home, put them in a hidden location outside the door, to see who’s ringing the bell or to monitor any suspicious activity.

Follow the baby

Instead of running into your baby’s room every time he thinks he’s crying or hears a strange noise, check if he’s okay by turning your old phone into an infant tracker. You can set up your old phone in your room and access it from your main phone by installing Skype on both devices, or you can download baby tracking apps like Dormi.

Most apps will provide an audio-visual view, monitor your baby’s sleep, play your voice to soothe your baby, and even send you an alert via call or text when your baby is crying.

Remote control

Download a remote control app, such as iRule, then sync your phone with devices including Xbox One, Roku, and Apple TV to replace the traditional remote.

If you use smart lights, you can sync your phone with those as well.


You can use a number of free apps, including Zoom or Skype, to improve the quality of your video chats during the pandemic. Even your old phone’s main camera can still be better than your laptop’s built-in webcam.

Wireless mouse

If your computer mouse suddenly breaks, it is very helpful to be able to turn your phone into a wireless mouse quickly. You’ll need to download an app, such as Remote Mouse. After downloading the application, use the network to connect your phone and computer and start using it.

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