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Great gift from christmas: four lakhs tip received on 74 paise bill, this gift from unknown person is being praised

Ohio: The man who reached a restaurant in Ohio state of America gave such a gift, whose discussion is making headlines all over the internet. Before Christmas, this is such a surprise, which no one working in a restaurant can forget.

In fact, in Ohio on December 12, a man gave a tip of $ 5600 (more than four lakh rupees) for a bill of just .01 (74 paise). Asked to distribute it to the entire staff of the restaurant. The person also asked to give this money to those people who did not come to work that day.

The heart that gave such a big gift was equally big. The man asked the restaurant not to reveal his identity. Explain that a total of 28 people work in the restaurant, according to this, everyone’s share came to $ 200 (Rs 14,785).

Musa Sallok, who runs this restaurant named Sok, said, “When they did this, we all had tears in their eyes. There are still tears in my eyes talking about it. Your staff becomes your family and everyone Someone cares about each other. I was working separately to buy gifts for my staff children, so this is a big help for me. “

With this, the staff members who received this tip say that they are very happy and thank that person. With this money, they can buy Christmas tree for their home and gifts for children. It all happened with the blessing of that guest.

At the same time, the owner of the restaurant said that I had opened this restaurant in memory of my mother. The corona virus epidemic hit the business badly. Financially there was a lot of impact, but we were doing something for the survival. But then suddenly this man came and gave a tip of $ 5600 for our staff. I thank them but I know that it is not enough.

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