Grease, a “sexist, misogynistic film that promotes the culture of rape”? Olivia Newton-John’s response

For the heroine of the famous musical comedy which gave the reply to John Travolta these accusations are without any foundation. She takes the movie for what it is, a “Bluette, fun and entertaining” and calls on neo-feminists to relax a bit.

After The Aristocats and Peter Pan from disney, The little Mermaid from Andersen, Gone with the wind of Fleming it’s the turn of Grease, the rose-watered musical that made Olivia Newton-John famous already more than forty years ago, to attract the wrath of neo-feminists and other statue busters on social networks. These critical apprentices, who definitely have a keen sense of nuance, see in this cinematic bluette, “a film of its time (sic), misogynistic and sexist and which, in addition, promotes the culture of rape“.

The now sulphurous and dangerous character of this film will therefore still have pleased almost six million spectators in 1978, in France alone, who will make this musical the greatest success of the genre, ahead of the mythical ones. Young ladies of Rochefort and the cult West Side Story.

Incendiary tweets in support, the contemptors and especially the contempers of Grease do not hesitate to denounce not only the poverty of history but also “the promotion of the culture of rape (sic) and the submission of women“Since Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John)”will have to change his look and personality»To please the macho slicked (Grease means gomina, editor’s note) played by John Travolta.

Failure to write a learned critical device intended to put into perspective the film that made her an international star Olivia Newton-John has stepped up to the plate in the British newspaper The Guardian and in the Australian podcast Life of Greatness, to simply say what she thought of this musical which sold nearly thirty million albums of the film’s soundtrack worldwide.

Avoiding anachronisms and relativizing the importance of this film, Olivia Newton-John said what she thought of the alleged clichés conveyed by this high school romance: “I think in this particular case the reviews are a bit silly because the movie was shot in the 1970s, and is set in the 1950s. It’s a play, a musical, it’s funny. . It’s a happy musical film, which is not meant to be taken seriously. I think everyone takes everything too seriously. I think we need to relax a bit, and enjoy things for what they are.

Will the controversy die out on its own or will it serve as a springboard for the new series inspired by the love affairs of Danny and Sandy produced by HBO or the prequel Summer loving considered by Paramount? It’s possible. In any case, the writers will have to show unwavering vigilance so that these new “Summer Nights” of the 21st century are irreproachable …

The song Summer nights in Randall Kleiser’s Grease in 1978

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