Grandpa the French polecat has become too lewd for the American public

A columnist from New York Times believes that the sidekick of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, known for his flirting acts, “normalizes the culture of rape”.

Do the characters of Looney Tunes accuse the weight of years? Pepe the pew, companion of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, created by Warner Bros in 1945, is no longer in the odor of sanctity. The black and white skunk with repulsive scents, in constant search of love, is at the heart of a very American controversy. At issue: his propensity to embrace, without their consent, everything that comes within his reach. To look good, its creator, Charles Johns, gave it a French accent to make it a caricature of the French lover. But three quarters of a century later, the parody no longer passes in the eyes of some.

In the New York Times of March 3, columnist Charles M. Blow believes that the behavior of this skunk contributes to “Normalize the culture of rape”. In support of his point, the insistence of Pepe who embraces, forces and kisses Penelope, a black cat who has fallen into a pot of white paint, while the girl desperately tries to escape. “Conservative blogs are angry with me because I said that Pépé le Putois participated in the culture of rape. Let’s see in this video … He grabs and kisses a girl he doesn’t know, repeatedly, without her consent and against her will. She struggles hard to escape him but he doesn’t release her. He locks the door to prevent her from running away», Explains Charles Blow on social networks.

Removed from Space Jam: New Legacy

Coincidence or not, this column appears as Warner announced that the character of Pepe the Polecat will be deleted from Space Jam: New Legacy, the continuation of the iconic Space jam, film which mixes actors and cartoon characters. The studios and the director decided to remove the animal from the screenplay, although it was present during the first episode in 1996.

The only scene where it was supposed to appear was cut during the editing, while, according to indiscretions, the script promised to give a lesson in etiquette to the lewd skunk, as the site reports Deadline . Not only, Penelope obtained an order of expulsion against his eager flirt, but the bad guy was also slapped by Greice Santo, victim of harassment in the past. This cut also displeases the actress and singer for whom, precisely, her foray into the world of Looney Tunes aimed to popularize her fight against violence against women.

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