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Grand oral baccalaureate, 20 minutes to convince

At Sainte-Marie de Stains high school, it’s the general rehearsal before the big oral, the final test of the baccalaureate, scheduled between June 20 and July 1. Like D-Day, each candidate faces two teachers. One of them, at least, must teach one of the specialties kept in terminale.

Each student submits two proposals to the jury, which decides. For Nimrah, it will be “Firearms in the United States”, subject that she saw during her specialty courses “English contemporary world”. Twenty minutes of preparation, then the young person must overcome her stage fright and start.

An exchange devoted to the pursuit of studies

As the rules allow, Nimrah begins its presentation in English, before branching off into French. “I didn’t want to take the risk of falling on one of the two examiners who wouldn’t really understand me”, she justifies herself. Constitution, cleavage between States, weight of lobbies… Nimrah only has five minutes to go around the subject. Five minutes followed by ten others during which the jury invites him to deepen. “Can you sociologically describe the two camps for us? », the revival of Solenne de Kersabiec, professor of philosophy.

The examination ends with an exchange devoted to the pursuit of studies and the professional project. The candidate is then invited to establish a link between his project and the specialties followed, or even the theme of his presentation. “I want to do international law, maybe work as a lawyer in the United States”, says Nimrah. Examiners then take the time to “debrief” with the young woman: they invite her to retouch her unfolding, “to explore the notion of individualism” and continue to read the press.

A greater share of orality in the teachings

In the end, Nimrah showed herself to be quite comfortable. It must be said that she had the opportunity to train. “Each week, our economics teacher asked students to give a presentation on a theme in the program”, she approves. The introduction of the grand oral has thus led many teachers to change their teaching, making more room for orality.

“Even in mathsays Zohra Mahiou, who teaches this discipline. Because one thing is to understand, another is to restore it orally by making it attractive. The candidate must popularize, since one of the examiners is not a specialist in the discipline at the heart of the presentation. »

Factor 10

Nassim, he has prepared two subjects, in maths and physics-chemistry: “Is it reasonable to rely on chance? » and “How to describe the trajectory of a star in the galaxy? ». He who, in college, was still “super shy”gained confidence, thanks in particular to oral expression workshops which he benefited from in third class.

At the time of the big oral, assigned a coefficient of 10, Nassim appears relaxed. Like many of his comrades, the young man has already received positive responses on Parcoursup. He who still hesitates between IT, sport and aeronautics has already obtained a green light from an engineering school. It is now enough for him to have his baccalaureate, with or without mention, to pass the door of the superior.


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