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Government will be formed on the lines of Iran in Afghanistan, it can be Supreme Leader and PM

Afghanistan Crisis: After the complete withdrawal of America from Afghanistan, now the Taliban will form a new government in a few days. According to information received by ABP News from reliable sources present in Afghanistan, Taliban can form a government in Afghanistan on the lines of Iran.

According to information received by ABP News, the supreme leader of the Taliban could be Mullah Akhundzada. There will be a new Supreme Leader of the Talibani government and a new Supreme Council under him. Which can have 11 to 70 members. Also, Mullah Baradar or Mullah Yakub can be made the Prime Minister of Afghanistan. Let us tell you that Mullah Yakub is the son of Mullah Omar and is considered to be quite a hardliner.

According to sources, Supreme Leader Akhundzada will remain in Kandahar and the Prime Minister and other ministers will run the government from Kabul. Sources told ABP News that the Taliban can revoke the existing constitution of Afghanistan and reintroduce the old constitution of 1964-65 only because the Taliban believe that the new constitution was made under foreign countries.

The important thing is that the formation of the government can be done in the next 5 to 7 days and for the last 4 days, Taliban leaders are discussing mutually in Kandahar. Sources also said that the hardliner faction of the Taliban does not want to include anyone else in power. But the Taliban leaders in the Doha office want to include other parties as well.

According to sources, non-Taliban parties in the Taliban government can be given a place in both the Supreme Council and the ministries. However, it will be interesting to see whether an agreement can be reached in the talks between the Northern Alliance and the Taliban.

Because the Northern Alliance wants an equal share in the government and the Taliban is currently agreeing to it. This is the reason that the talks of the first two phases were positive, but according to sources, the last two talks were not as positive.

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