Google temporarily disables live traffic data on Google Maps in Ukraine

Google confirmed to temporarily disable the traffic update tool on Google Maps on Sunday (February 27).

The tech giant says it has disabled Google Maps’ traffic layer globally. This action is intended to avoid the release of direct information about traffic conditions and how crowded places such as shops and restaurants in Ukraine are for the safety of the public in the country.

According to Google, live traffic information is still available to drivers using detailed directions in the area.

Before that, with just the Internet, users from all over the world could follow the military situation in Ukraine. It is even known exactly when Russian forces began to enter Ukraine.

Middlebury Institute of International Studies doctor Jeffrey Lewis said he could see Russian troops moving into Ukraine’s border before Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of the operation.

Social networking platforms seem to be becoming an effective indicator for both sides. Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar has posted on Facebook with the content asking people to stop posting photos and videos related to the country’s military online.

Even the TikTok platform is also a place where some military personnel from both countries post content related to the war zone.

Not only Google, other technology giants are making efforts to implement new measures to protect the security of users in the region.

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Ukrainians use the Internet from heaven with Elon Musk's satellite

Ukrainians use the Internet from heaven with Elon Musk’s satellite

This move comes as Internet service in Ukraine is being disrupted by the effects of the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine.


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