Google ‘teases’ smart glasses with the ability to translate languages

Google has shown off a prototype smart glasses the company is working on that can translate languages ​​in real time.

At the Google I/O Developer Conference held on May 11, Google CEO Sundar Pichai showed a video introducing the company’s augmented reality (AR) glasses that are being tested. .

Augmented reality (AR) glasses Google is testing

Google says the glasses can show language translations directly to the person wearing them. Accordingly, when users wear AR glasses, they can understand what others are saying just by reading the translation displayed through the glasses.

The device looks like a regular pair of glasses, displaying conversations involving English, Chinese, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

“Language is fundamental to connection. Understanding someone who speaks another language or trying to follow a conversation if you have a hearing loss can be a real challenge. See what happens when we take our advances in translation and transcription and bring them to your eyes,” said Pichai.

The company first ventured into smart glasses about a decade ago, but Google Glass failed to impress consumers due to limited launches, high prices, and privacy concerns. private. However, Google does not seem to give up its ambitions in this area. In 2020, it acquired North, an Amazon-backed smart glasses company.

Google also introduced its first smartwatch, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7 phones and introduced a new Android tablet during this Google I/O event.

Huong Dung (According to CNBC, Futureiot)


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