Google, Facebook continue to report fake news Covid-19 to the EU for another six months

The European Commission (EC) requires Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft to continue with monthly reports on efforts to handle fake news, in particular Covid-19, for another six months.

Social networks and online platforms are receiving criticism globally for their contribution to spreading fake news, leading to calls by authorities to force them to act more if they do not want to face regulations. complex.

These companies, together with TikTok and advertisers, have signed a set of rules for handling fake news on the European Union (EU) platform and are required to report their work within six months. However, the EU asked them to continue to report for another 6 months during the epidemic.

The EU wants companies to provide additional data on how untruthful information spread between the Covid-19 translation and how their actions affect the EU countries. Vera Jourova, EU Vice President for Values ​​and Transparency, commented that the epidemic has become a breeding ground for conspiracy theories, false information and platforms that play a key role in amplifying this message. Therefore, we must cooperate in the fight against hearsay, especially online platforms that require greater transparency and effort.

Previously, the Minister of the Interior and Singapore Law Minister K. Shanmugam said that social networks put interests above principles. Speaking in an interview at the Reuters Next conference on January 11, he said that platforms that allow fake news to emerge use business models that depend on visits. According to him, the world has a consensus about not leaving the technology platform to process fake news alone.

Singapore’s online anti-manipulation and fake news Act (POFMA) introduced in late 2019 allows ministers to order news publications, social media users, platforms to issue warnings that the page or article They contain false information and must include a link to the government’s authentic website. Besides, there are also regulations on punishment, even imprisonment, for those who do not comply.

Du Lam (According to Reuters)

Discovering fake news about Hanoi blockade

Discovering fake news about Hanoi blockade

Fake news about Hanoi about to blockade appeared in a chat group. This information is being transferred to an investigative agency.


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