Google, Facebook can be fined heavily if violating EU laws

Big tech corporations can be fined up to 6% of their revenue if they do not take stronger measures to tackle illegal content and publish advertising profits.


Big technology corporations like Google And Facebook could face a penalty of up to 6% of its revenue if it doesn’t take stronger measures to tackle illegal content and publish profits from advertising on its platform.

EU Commissioner for Domestic Services and Markets Thierry Breton will present the draft of the Digital Services Act (DSA) on December 15. The rules take the tough stance of the European Union (EU) to tighten the regulation of Silicon Valley companies.

Many countries around the world are increasing their legal scrutiny of the technology giants and their ability to control their data and access to websites.

Associated Reuters The information contained in this document defines the very large online platforms that have more than 45 million users, or 10% of the EU population. Companies managing these platforms are obligated to explain the policy concerns and systemic risks posed by their services.

The tech “giants” will be held accountable for illegal content on their websites, addressing issues of abuse of their platform such as spreading fake news that affect elections. and public health.

Companies will also be required to publish details regarding their online advertising partners and how their algorithm proposes and ranks the information, what to display and who to display. .

The EU believes that Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon are considered “gatekeepers” holding all the keys to the digital world, with the ability to set their own rules and eliminate potential competitors as soon as possible. just appeared.

To end this situation, EU regulations could prevent a company like Google from prioritizing its own search results, or Apple from forcing app developers to use its stores for checkout. .

Draft DSA may take a year or longer until these rules come into effect after being discussed in the EU countries and the European Parliament.

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Why is the US constantly forcing Facebook to sell Instagram and WhatsApp?

Why is the US constantly forcing Facebook to sell Instagram and WhatsApp?

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Attorney General of 48 states have initiated a massive lawsuit, accusing Facebook of monopoly and their anti-competitive behavior harming American interests. .


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