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Google Doodle today remembered this female painter of Iraq, know who was Naziha Salim

Google Doodle: Today, on 23rd April, Google has remembered Naziha Salim through a doodle. One of the influential artists was Najiha painter and professor. Najiha is said to have depicted the lives of rural Iraqi women with her art.

If you look carefully at Google’s doodle today, two different pictures are visible in it. In one picture, Najiha Salim is seen in which a paint brush is visible in her hand and on the other hand a glimpse of her painting is visible. Let us tell you, Najiha was born in 1927 in Istabul. Najiha had three brothers who worked in the field of art. Also his father used to be a painter and mother used to do embroidery work.

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It is said that Najiha has completed her graduation in Fine Arts. Naziha became the first woman to be awarded for further studies at the cole National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Naziha returned to Baghdad a few years later. Najiha is remembered as one of Iraq’s most famous artists. Let me tell you, he died on January 15, 2008.

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