Google criticizes Apple for ‘bullying’ users via iMessage

Google claims that Apple distinguishes between green and blue colors when texting with iMessage as a form of “bullying” Android users.

iMessage uses color to distinguish iPhone users from users of other platforms. (Photo: iMore)

Hiroshi Lockheimer – Vice President of Google has criticized Apple for deliberately spreading “peer pressure and bullying friends” through the iMessage messaging application to make Android users switch to iPhones. After a report that teenagers were switching to iPhones to keep up with their friends, Google claimed that Apple was the “bully” and not its users.

Apple’s iMessage app includes some iOS-exclusive features, like creating personalized Memoji icons or distinguishing messaging colors. Specifically, blue is used to represent messages exchanged by iPhone with each other, and green is for messages sent from other devices.

It sounds like a small thing, but it is this that makes iMessage a “status symbol”, leading to a boycott of Android users. Many young Android users feel “abandoned” when texting iOS users. When texting in a group, if your chat is green, you may feel isolated.

Lockheimer previously made a rather harsh statement on Twitter that Apple keeping iMessage “private” was a calculated strategy. “Peer pressure and bullying to sell products is unnecessary for a company that takes people and fairness as a premise in its marketing”, says Lockheimer.

Apple has considered offering iMessage on Android to attract more users, but according to Apple CEO Phil Schiller, this does more harm than good for Apple.

Of course, Google’s voice here is not purely humane. The company will greatly benefit from Apple offering iMessage on Android. Google is also not qualified to criticize other companies’ messaging strategies. According to Ars Technica editor Ron Amadeo, Google has launched 13 separate messaging apps since iMessage launched in 2011 but most have failed.

Google is trying to build a messaging platform to compete with Apple’s iMessage app. It’s RCS to replace SMS, allow sharing of media files, greater privacy, and especially can be used for messaging with features similar to iMessage, helping Google gain support from carriers. large US.

With the support of iOS for RCS, Google notes that young Americans will reduce the pressure to buy an iPhone to keep up with friends, and parents will also find it easier to buy their children an Android phone instead of iPhones are expensive.

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