Google admitted to “blocking” some Australian newspapers

To explain this move, Google said it was just “testing” some algorithms on the search engine.

Recently, Google said that it is conducting “test run” a few tests on its search engine.

One of the American tech companies’ experiments was to hide some Australian news sites from search results, which the media claimed was a show of “extraordinary power” in search results. The context of this technology “giant” is negotiating with the Australian government about paying royalties to the press.

Google admitted to “blocking” some Australian newspapers

The Australian government is working to implement a new policy towards Google and Facebook to force them to offer a reasonable price when displaying news content in domestic press.

Google has criticized the bill while social network Facebook has warned that it could block users in Australia from sharing local news on its platform in response to paying press fees.

On January 13, Australia’s Australian Financial Review alleges that Google adjusted its search engine algorithm and news display to hide links to news from certain media outlets. this country with some users.

In response, a Google spokesperson confirmed that the company is running “several tests on the search engine, each of which will reach about 1% of Australian users in order to calculate the interaction of activity. business news and search engines by Google ”. The “trials will end in early February,” he added.

The search engine giant insists this is just one of the tens of thousands of tests they still perform on their search engine.

“Google is a monopoly and they are showing how they can influence what Australian users can access. At the same time, Google is also proving that this company can easily make the Australian news business that does not support it disappear from the Internet – a terrifying example of their extraordinary power, “said the spokesperson. of the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) – Australia’s leading online news publication.

According to the Viettimes / The Guardian

Google restricts users from accessing Australian news sites

Google restricts users from accessing Australian news sites

Google has just begun to experiment with restricting users from accessing Australian news sites, as the Canberra government pushes on plans to force technology companies to pay usage fees.


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