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Good News: Pfizer-Moderna Vaccine Is Effective Against ‘Indian Covid Variants’, Study Revealed

According to new research conducted by American scientists, Pfizer and Modern Kovid vaccine are effective against two corona virus variants identified for the first time in India. This lab-based study was done by NYU Grossman School of Medicine and NYU Langone Center. The study found that Pfizer and Mordana are fully effective in fighting the company’s vaccine corona. Infection can be avoided after taking the vaccine of these two companies.

Researchers told that ‘Pfizer and Moderna vaccine is effective in fighting Kovid-19. With the vaccine of these two companies, people can also be protected from corona virus infection. He told that two weeks after taking the first dose, a lot of immunity has developed in the body. Along with this, people are also recovering fast. These are good signs for us.

WHO told the Indian variant is worrying

Earlier, the World Health Organization had described the Indian form of corona (B.1.617) as worrisome. Dr. Maria van Kerkhov, who is associated with the Kovid-19 technical team at the WHO, said on Monday that the first type of virus discovered in India, B.1.617, was first monitored by the WHO. He said, “There are talks by various parties. We are trying to gather more information about this strain and we hope that we will succeed in it soon.” He added, “After discussing the available information about the Indian version of the Kovid-19 and its proliferation capacity, we have placed it in the category of worrisome format globally. This variant is now present in 44 countries.”

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