Gold Game Vietnam had all G1, G2, G3, and G4 licenses revoked

20/01/2021 15:30 GMT + 7

The authorities have just decided to revoke the G1, G3, and G4 electronic game service provision certificate of Gold Game Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

According to information from the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information (PTTH & TTĐT), the Ministry of Information & Communications (TT&TT), Gold Game Vietnam has shown signs of taking advantage of the license to advertise and introduce video game “Game 103 – prize-winning prediction” and the media, promotion for other activities that show signs of illegal violation.

After detecting signs of violation, the Department of Information and Communications has sent a written request 4 times to the legal representative to work. Gold Game Vietnam Joint Stock Company did not comply with the request of the competent state management agency.

Gold Game Vietnam Headquarters in Cau Giay, Hanoi

Accordingly, in April 2020, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Department of Information and Communications have suspended (for the first time) all licenses and certificates for providing video game services on G1, G2, G3, G4 networks granted to Gold Game Vietnam Company, due to its failure to fully meet the provisions of Point b, Clause 3, Article 32 and Point b, Clause 1, Article 33d of Decree No. 27/2018 / ND-CP. The domain names, and of this company have also been suspended since February 2020.

However, Gold Game Vietnam still does not carry out the procedures for amending and supplementing the license (due to the change of the legal representative and the head office of the Company); do not make periodic reports every 6 months. In September 2020, the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Department of Information and Communications continued to make a decision to suspend the second time the above licenses and certificates.

According to the current regulations, the licensing agency will revoke the license to provide G1 game services on the network, the certificate of providing G2, G3, G4 video game services online if the organization or business Industry twice suspended license.

Therefore, on January 6, 2021, this company officially revoked its license to provide G1 video game services on the network (No. 448 / GP-BTTTT dated October 18, 2019) by decision. No. 2797 / QD-BTTTT of the Ministry of Information and Communications. In addition, the certificate of online game service provision G2, G3, G4 (No. 210 / GCN-PTTH & TTĐT dated November 1, 2019) issued to Gold Game Vietnam Joint Stock Company was also revoked. .

The above types of permits and certificates are revoked according to the provisions of Items 3 and 3a point a and Clause 18, Article 1 of Decree 27/2018 / ND-CP amending and supplementing Article 32 of Decree No. 72/2013 / ND. -CP dated July 15, 2013 of the Government on the management, provision and use of Internet services and online information.


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Launch 2021 with notable new titles

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