Global life expectancy decreased by 1.8 years after the Covid-19 pandemic – VnExpress

Specifically, in a number of countries including Bolivia, Botswana, Lebanon, Mexico, Oman and Russia, life expectancy has decreased by nearly 4 years since the outbreak of the pandemic. In Latin America, the Caribbean, Central and South Asia, life expectancy fell by nearly three years from 2019 to 2021. Meanwhile, life expectancy in Australia and New Zealand increased by 1.2 years due to the risk of death. lower mortality during pandemics.

Earlier, an Oxford University study on the average life expectancy of the American people published in 2021 showed that 2020 will record a record decrease in average life expectancy since World War II due to the impact of the World War II. impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, the average life expectancy for men decreased more than that of women in most countries, in which, American men decreased the most with 2.2 years compared to 2019.

Therefore, in order to protect their health against the attack of the virus, experts advise patients to ensure epidemic prevention measures such as vaccination, wearing a mask, etc. Currently, vaccination is still considered an effective measure. most before the proliferation of new variants of the Omicron line. In addition, people are advised to maintain a scientific diet and exercise to ensure physical and mental health.

Also according to the report World Population Outlook 2022the United Nations estimates that the global life expectancy trend will increase again and increase to about 77.2 years by 2050.

Hong Thao (follow Independent, Reuters)


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