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Gitanjali of Indian origin became ‘Kid of the Year’, won Time magazine’s first award

Washington Indians are proving their success in every corner of the world. Now Indian-American citizen Geetanjali Rao has won the Time magazine’s ‘Kid of the Year’ award. She has been elected ‘Kid of the Year’ for the year 2020. For the first time, a child has given the ‘Kid of the Year’ award to a child. Gitanjali has won this award, leaving behind five thousand children.

Geetanjali is fifteen years old and has made her mark as an emerging scientist. After winning the award, Gitanjali’s online interview for Time magazine was taken by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

Gitanjali discussed her discovery with Jolie and said that when she was 10 years old, she thought of doing research on carbon nanotube sensor technology. Gitanjali said that this was the beginning of change, when no one is doing this work then she wants to do it.

App designed to deal with cyber bullying
Let us tell you that Gitanjali has prepared an app to deal with cyber bullying. About this, Geetanjali said that it is an app and chrome extension. It can catch cyber bullying in the beginning. Its name is Kindly. Gitanjali said that she now wants to inspire more people to do so.

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