Gironde: demands are exploding in the construction sector

Craftsmen and construction companies who work for individuals are seeing a sharp increase in demand. A craftsman from the Bordeaux region sets up the installation of terraces. Usually, the peak of activity ends with the beautiful days. This year, the pace will be sustained throughout the winter. “I have at least 15 to 20% more requests this year“, explains Sébastien Faubet,” Design Terrasse-Bois “carpenter in Gironde.

Following the first confinement, a month and a half later, we really felt the difference: a lot of calls, requests and signatures of quotes. I already had several months in advance, but not at this point“, he adds. The French obviously want to improve their habitats. Confined, they rediscover and improve their housing. A resident of the region has notably acquired a wood stove with the money of her scheduled vacation in Costa Rica.

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