Girls have sex organs like men

HCMCA 14-year-old girl from Bac Lieu came to Children’s Hospital 2 to examine her with an enlarged clitoris, which looks like a boy’s genitalia.

When the baby is born, the family member discovers “something is wrong” in the baby’s genitals. The delivery room staff reassured it was the “residual meat” of the genital area. Babies growing up with this difference, urination are normal.

The baby’s appearance is as tall as its peers but has not had any menstrual cycle yet. Recently, the residual mass has grown gradually and resembles the genitals in boys, so the family brought him to Ho Chi Minh City for examination.

Dr. Pham Ngoc Thach, Deputy Director of Children’s Hospital 2, on April 15, said the baby had an enlarged clitoris. The size of the clitoris is many times larger than that of a girl of the same age, the external genitals look like a boy’s. The urethra and vagina empty into the same hole, into a channel called the urogenital sinuses. Ultrasound shows that the baby has a minimized uterus and ovarian cysts.

Dr. Thach and Dr. Phan Le Minh Tien and his team performed a reconstructive surgery for the baby on April 14. Doctors small the clitoris, return to normal shape, ensure blood supply and especially preserve the sensory nerve bundle. The urogenital sinus enlargement system helps separate the urethra and the vaginal canal, meticulously reconstructing the accompanying lipophilic part.

“Morphology is true to the most female sex”, Dr. Thach shared. Currently, the baby’s health is restored, the incision is dry and clean and has a good psychological state.

The baby is undergoing surgery to create genitals using the technique of cutting the clitoris. This technique is now widely applied in pediatric surgery centers around the world by ensuring the aesthetics and preserving clitoral function.

According to Dr. Thach, clitoral hypertrophy in children is a birth defect of the external genitalia in women. Clitoris size as big and long as boys of the same age, and even larger. This defect is common in bisexual women, meaning that the female chromosome 46 XX and has female genitals such as the vagina, uterus, ovaries, but the external genitalia looks like a boy.

The cause of masculinization is that since the fetus, the baby is affected by a large amount of male hormones passed from the mother, or the baby has a congenital adrenal proliferation that creates this condition, called the syndrome. genital – adrenal. In more common cases, the clitoris is very large and the vagina and urethra are in a normal position. In case of severe maleization, the vagina and urethra pour into a tube called the urinary sinus.

When the diagnosis of clitoral enlargement due to congenital adrenal proliferation, the child must first receive stable hormonal treatment, then have surgery to reconstruct the external genitals. The purpose of surgery is to shrink the clitoris and separate the vagina, urethra into two separate lines, reshape the baby’s lips to achieve the female genital shape.

If diagnosed and treated early, girls will have female genital morphology – normal function and can completely marry and give birth. Late diagnosis can lead to serious metabolic disorders, psychological effects, and gender.

Each year, Children’s Hospital 2 receives about 6 cases of clitoral enlargement. “More than half of the girls with clitoral enlargement treated at the hospital are mistaken for male sex,” said Dr. Thach.

The age of surgery is usually 3 to 5 years old, before the baby goes to school to avoid psychological influences as well as the relatively easier operation of surgery than late surgery. Girls who still do not have menstrual periods should be examined in hospitals to screen and avoid missing defects.

Le Phuong