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Girl jumped down without tying rope during bungee jumping, died

Bungee Jumping: Sometimes some adventures come on people’s lives. Now a similar hair-raising video is going viral on social media, in which a girl lost her life due to the adventure. Actually, a 25-year-old woman died during bungee jumping.

The incident is from the province of Antioquia, Colombia. Here 25-year-old Yesenia Morales Gomez was preparing for bungee jumping with her boyfriend. However, confused by the words of the trainer, Yesenia jumped herself and fell about 160 feet from the height. Yesenia died in the incident. After this, when Yesenia’s boyfriend reached her, he saw that Yesenia had died.

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During that time it seemed that Yesenia had died due to fall, but when the medical report came, it was found that her death was not due to fall but due to heart attack. According to reports, when Yesenia realized that she was not tied to the rope after jumping, she suffered a heart attack and died before falling to the ground.

At the same time, Mayor Gustavo Guzman says about the incident that the girl was confused. At the time of the incident, her boyfriend was given a signal to jump. Her boyfriend was wearing protective equipment but instead of boyfriend, the girl jumped and died.

Watch the video of the incident here

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