Get samples for entry testing in the first 24 hours

HCMC158 passengers on the first flight from Korea to Ho Chi Minh City were sampled to test nCoV within the same day.

Dr. Phan Thanh Tam, Deputy Director of City Center for Disease Control (HCDC), said on the afternoon of October 1, during a meeting to provide information about quarantine fees for hotels after immigration in the city. HCM City.

Accordingly, on the afternoon of September 30, the first international commercial flight from Incheon Airport, South Korea, carrying 158 passengers to Ho Chi Minh City, landed at Tan Son Nhat airport. 17 isolated passengers at hotels for a fee, 140 isolated at Covid-19 Can Gio Hospital. A guest with chronic kidney failure was taken directly to Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital for medical treatment. This patient was in the isolator group treatment as a suspected nCoV case.

During the first 24 hours of entry, all passengers were given a oropharyngeal fluid sample for nCoV testing. HCMC tested by Realtime-PCR method. These passengers will be separated for 14 days.

“We have the results and pay immediately in the next 24 hours”, Dr. Tam confirmed.

Expected to have test results nCoV 158 passengers today.

The doctor added that those who entered Vietnam were divided into two groups. The return group on the flights to bring the citizens home will be isolated in the isolation areas of the military barracks. When returning by commercial flights, before entering Vietnam, they must ensure the disease prevention and control conditions as prescribed by the Ministry of Health. Specifically, negative nCoV test result using Realtime-PCR method and specific isolation plan (vehicle, shipping line, isolation address) is required.

In hotel isolation, HCDC recommends a room for each person separately. Persons wishing to live together must prove identity, make commitments and only stay up to two people.

Dr. Phan Thanh Tam said that within 48 hours of entry, passengers were allowed to sample and return the nCoV test results. Image: Letter Anh.

Regarding human resources for medical supervision with people entering isolation at the accommodation, Dr. Tam said that the health sector has had detailed plans and enough manpower to implement. Any hotel located in any commune or ward is under the supervision of that commune or ward medical station. Health station staff twice a day, in the afternoon, check in the hotel, the district health center and HCDC coordinate to monitor each day. Every week, HCDC reports detailed situation to the Department of Health.

The Deputy Director of HCDC said that the Ministry of Health has issued a decision to calculate the cost of testing and Health Insurance has also set the rate. However, currently, Ho Chi Minh City does not charge a test fee for commercial entries.

HCDC monitors and tests groups of people entering Vietnam as follows:

Group of foreigners entering Vietnam to work short-term: Quarantine is performed but is allowed to move according to the schedule declared. Get tested once as soon as you get back to quarantine, take samples every two days during your stay in Vietnam and one day before leaving Vietnam. Take samples as soon as you have suspicious symptoms.

Immigrants work 14 days or more: Quarantine for 6 days at the hotel or a place allowed by the City People’s Committee. If the test is negative, continue with home isolation for the full 14 days. Test once as soon as you return to the concentrated isolation place; tested for the second time on the 6th day at the concentrated isolation site; third test on the 14th day of entry. Take samples as soon as you have suspicious symptoms.

Other entries from the above two groups: Centralized isolation. Test at least twice, once as soon as you return to the concentrated isolation place (day 1), and the second time before completing the quarantine period (day 14). Take samples as soon as you have suspicious symptoms.

As of the afternoon of October 1, Ho Chi Minh City had spent two months not recording new infections in the community. In both outbreaks, the city recorded 77 nCoV infections, all of which were cured. Two patients, after being discharged from hospital, are under follow-up in Ho Chi Minh City, 63 cases have expired.

The entire flight crew of international flights are located in the supervised city of Covid-19. There were 6,497 cases of sampling. No new infections have been detected.

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