Gérard Deparideu-Patrice Leconte: “Simenon, Maigret and us”

EXCLUSIVE MAINTENANCE – The director of tanned offered to the best French actor to put on Commissioner Maigret’s overcoat and hat. Result: a great atmospheric film which marks the first collaboration between the two men.

Incredible but true: the most eclectic filmmaker in French cinema, to whom we owe successes as varied as Les Bronzés, The Hairdresser’s Husband, Ridicule or The girl on the Bridge, the inspired director who directed Auteuil, Marielle, Noiret, Rochefort, Blanc, Jugnot or Luchini, had never filmed the greatest of our actors. To bring these two sacred monsters together, a major project was certainly needed. Maigret was one. By entrusting Gérard Depardieu with the raincoat and the pipe (extinguished…) of Simenon’s hero after having adapted with Jérôme Tonnerre the text of Maigret and the Young Dead, Patrice Leconte offered the actor the pleasure of embodying the inspector in all his psychological dimension.

Better: in an atmospheric film with a rare aesthetic, almost expressionist. Enough to allow the blossoming of a true friendship. At the very least with an obvious complicity, which manifests itself during their reunion for Le Figaro Magazine in the Parisian house of the actor…

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