Gérard Depardieu is Maigret: the first images of the meeting of the giants

The actor wears the costume of the divisional commissioner created by Georges Simenon, in a production by Patrice Leconte. In theaters February 23.

Jean Richard, Bruno Cremer, for TV, Michel Simon, Jean Gabin and today Gérard Depardieu for cinema. A prestigious line of actors has taken on the costume of the eminent commissioner Maigret. Felt hat screwed on the head, dark overcoat and sacrosanct pipe always at hand… The first images of the film shot by Patrice Leconte, soberly titled Maigret, heralds a tailor-made role for the sacred monster of French cinema. The actor exudes the same imposing look, insight, compassion and empathy, intrinsic virtues of the character created by Georges Simenon.

In this adaptation of Maigret and the Young Dead, published in 1954, the divisional superintendent investigates the death of a young girl whom nothing allows to identify. His meeting with a delinquent resembling the victim awakens in him the memory of an old disappearance. Alongside Gérard Depardieu, actresses Mélanie Bernier, Aurore Clément, Jade Labeste, Anne Loiret and Clara Antoons complete the cast.

The character of Maigret has held the attention of cinema since the 1930s. Jean Renoir paved the way with Crossroads Night, in 1932. Julien Duvivier, Henri Verneuil, Jean Delannoy to name but a few rushed into the breach. Before Maigret and the Young Dead, scheduled for release on February 23, Patrice Leconte has already been inspired by Simenon with Mr Hire, released in 1989. If Maigret is not in the game, the film will go down in the annals of French cinema with the unforgettable interpretation of Michel Blanc, extraordinary in the role of the protagonist suspected of murder.


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