George Clooney is said to have “limited” knowledge of Hungarian history

Unhappy to see him criticize Viktor Orban, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto did not hesitate to point the finger at “the historical and political shortcomings” of the American star on his country.

The tea towel burns between Hungary and George Clooney. The Hungarian Foreign Minister reproached the American actor yesterday, November 24, with too much knowledge “limited“According to him, of history and politics, after the American actor described the sovereignist Prime Minister Viktor Orban as an example of”hate and anger” in the world.

We love actor George Clooney … (but his) knowledge of history and politics seems pretty limitedHungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto wrote on his Facebook page.

Members of the Hungarian government had previously accused the actor of being a puppet in the hands of the billionaire and American patron of Hungarian Jewish origin George Soros, bête noire of Viktor Orban who accuses him of plotting against his government through NGOs that it finances, and to encourage immigration.
Soros takes every opportunity to attack the Hungarian government. It is frustrating that there are actors (..) who carry Soros’ fight in this waySaid Ors Farkas, a government spokesperson.

Soros-Clooney collusion according to Orban

Several pro-Orban media have published a photo showing George Clooney with George Soros’ son Alexander. The footage began with a video interview the American actor gave to GQ magazine last week, in which he talks about his latest film, The Midnight Sky (Midnight in the universe). He cites Viktor Orban and the Hungarian government as an example of “hate and anger“.
We were not in the midst of a pandemic when (the film was shot), but there were all these other things, how much hate and anger we were all facing at that point in history, all over the world – from Bolsonaro in Brazil to Orban in Hungary, look, there is a lot of anger and hateGeorge Clooney said exactly.

Responding to criticism from the Hungarian government, George Clooney told the site on Tuesday 24.hu that he “had only met George Soros once, at a United Nations meeting on the migrant crisis, which was also attended by the President of the United States“. Then he added: “I also met his son Alex once, at an event in Davos … so the Orban propaganda machine is lying.

Determined to defend his honor, George Clooney said with a note of optimism: “I don’t expect this answer to appear on most Hungarian news sites as they are owned and run by the Orban regime or its close allies, but my voice will be heard nonetheless.

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