General meetings will be held face-to-face in 2022

Posted Feb 21 2022 at 8:22 amUpdated Feb 21. 2022 at 8:26

The camera is over. “Recent exchanges with the public authorities suggest that at present, and given the evolution of the health situation, there are no plans to adopt an ordinance to this effect”, believes the Ansa (National Association of Joint Stock Companies) on its website. However, the law of January 22, 2022 on the management of the health crisis did indeed empower the government to take measures by ordinance so that the GAs could be held behind closed doors.

This should delight the minority shareholders of listed companies who have not stopped complaining about these virtual meetings for two years. In 2020, companies were not well organized for distance. 20% of SBF 120 groups had not provided any broadcast of the AGM, either live or delayed, even though shareholders were unable to attend.

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