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General Faiz Hameed, head of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, reached Kabul before the formation of the government

Lt Gen Faiz Hameed in Kabul: General Faiz Hameed, the head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, reached Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, on a surprise visit on Saturday. Two Pakistani officials gave this information on condition of anonymity. Although it is not yet clear what General Faiz Hameed held talks with the Taliban leadership on Saturday, but Pakistan’s intelligence agency is believed to have a great influence on the Taliban.

Faiz Hameed has reached Afghanistan before the formation of the government in Afghanistan. At the same time, it is being said that Faid Hameed has reached Afghanistan on the call of Taliban. At the same time, delegation of Pak Army officers along with ISI Chief has also reached Afghanistan. It is being told that the purpose of this meeting was to discuss the issue of economic and security between the two countries.

allegations are being made

The Taliban leadership was headquartered in Pakistan and is often said to have direct links with the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency (ISI), a Pakistani intelligence agency. It is a different matter that Pakistan has regularly denied military aid to the Taliban, but the Afghan government and Washington have been accusing the Taliban of getting Pakistan’s help.

new government will be formed

Let us tell you that after the occupation of Afghanistan, the official announcement of the Taliban government will be made today. Meanwhile, women demonstrated for their share in the government. Women social workers demonstrated in Kabul for an equal share in the new government. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said that the formation of a new government in Afghanistan was postponed by a day. Mujahid said the formation of the new government would be announced on Saturday.

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