Gender equality: “women are less satisfied than men” in business, says ChooseMyCompany CEO

Laurent Labbé, CEO and co-founder of ChooseMyCompany, eco guest of franceinfo on Monday March 1, 2021 (FRANCEINFO)

On Monday March 1, companies were to publish their rating on the “Gender Equality” Index on their website. Each year, the overall rating of companies improves. However, women are much less satisfied than men at work. This is what Laurent Labbé, CEO and co-founder of ChooseMyCompany, a company that collects and analyzes employee opinions, notes. The company has created its own indicator called Happy-Index @ Work.

In the company, women “are four points less satisfied than men and this gap has widened over the past year, explains Laurent Labbé on franceinfo. Among the factors that explain this difference are wages – women are paid 10% less than men with equal responsibilities and skills – 27% less in all occupations. They are also dissatisfied with the ability to progress in the organization and the impact of their work on the success of their business.

With the economic crisis linked to Covid-19, companies have slowed down their gender equality policies to focus on safeguarding jobs. In addition, according to the CEO of ChooseMyCompany, teleworking has been a game-changer: “he highlighted a number of differences. Women feel more comfortable in this work organization. They were asking for it. Men suffer more from no longer working with their teams or from the lack of friendliness with their teams “.

Laurent Labbé finally underlines that “France is very strong in the presence of women on boards of directors. We are the best in the world on this subject “, but far behind in lower level positions in the company.

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