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Games: dangerous magnetic balls for young children

It is a very common scene to see a young child put the first thing his hand finds in his mouth. Magnetic marbles featured in certain types of games or desktop gadgets are no exception.

To prevent the risk of serious complications, in the event of ingestion, objects containing magnetic beads should be placed “Out of reach of children, who could mistake them for candy and swallow them”, recommend the health authorities in a press release.

Serious case reports

Two serious cases of accidental ingestion of 3 to 5 mm magnet balls have been reported recently in children 3 years and younger, they say. Magnetic balls came from objects ” anti stress “ for adults.

Magnetic balls swallowed by very young children “Can clump together, block the digestive tract and tear the intestinal walls, causing perforations”.

“The most serious cases require heavy surgery and can be life-threatening in children”, add the health authorities.

Magnetic balls, which can also be part of some construction sets, are “Significantly more dangerous than inert objects of the same dimensions (glass balls, coins)”.

Who to contact in an emergency?

Magnetic toys intended for children from 3 to 14 years old can also prove to be very dangerous for the youngest children, if they are left within their reach and that they inadvertently divert their use, it is stated. same source.

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In the event of ingestion, even suspected, it is necessary to immediately call a poison control center which will give medical advice and the action to be taken ( In the event of a vital emergency, call 15 or 112.

This warning comes from the Directorate General of Health (ministry), the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) and the health agencies Anses and Public Health France.


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