Galaxy S22 Ultra beats iPhone 13 Pro Max in night photography?

The Galaxy S22 Ultra can beat the iPhone 13 Pro Max with top-notch nighttime photos and videos.

Photo and video quality is one of the factors that distinguishes between high-end and low-end smartphones. Samsung has the advantage in screen resolution, while low-light performance is Apple’s strength.

Galaxy S22 Ultra beats iPhone 13 Pro Max in night photography?

A pixel is a physical element on the camera sensor that captures light when taking a photo. For a camera with large pixels, manufacturers have to choose between increasing the camera sensor area or shrinking the pixel size.

However, both ways have their own disadvantages, specifically, if the area is increased, the camera sensor will occupy the space of other parts such as the battery, screen, speakers and processor. And if you shrink the pixel size, you won’t get much light, which means that the shutter is open for a longer time, causing the subject to move or the camera to shake, making the image blurry.

That’s why Samsung decided to implement pixel binning technology, which uses data from three pixels combined into one that allows groups of nine pixels to composite light to produce sharp 12MP photos in low-light conditions. low light conditions.

Galaxy S22 Ultra is equipped with a 108MP main camera, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 12MP. However, each pixel in the main camera of the S22 Ultra is only half the size of the pixel in the main camera of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Many hardware and software improvements are fitted to the Galaxy S22 Ultra to take better photos and videos at night. Accordingly, the S22 Ultra will have a 23% larger pixel sensor to absorb more light, optical stabilization hardware to help prevent shake by 58% compared to its predecessors. Add to that a more sensitive sensor to help minimize small movements, a new type of anti-glare lens glass that helps produce clear, sharp images in both high and low light, with limited depth of field. Up to 12-bit HDR color balances light at night.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is also equipped with a twice as powerful AI processor, which greatly improves software performance with impressive 100x digital zoom and 10x optical zoom. Meanwhile, Apple’s smartphone is capable of 3x optical zoom and 15x extended digital zoom.

Sungdae Joshua Cho, Vice President and Head of Camera R&D at Samsung, said that every time you take a photo, the camera takes dozens of photos and synthesizes them to create the best shot. The number sounds impressive, but it actually sums up fewer photos than the S21 Ultra. AI algorithms will be improved to take a composite of fewer images with fast processing speed for more impressive final results.

On February 25, Galaxy S22 Ultra will officially hit the shelves. Currently, users can pre-order the product with the product price of 1,199 USD (about 27 million VND). So we need to wait a little longer to see if the Galaxy S22 Ultra can beat the iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, one thing is for sure, its camera is much better than its predecessors.

Huong Dung(According to USA Today)

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