Gal Gadot and Netflix join forces to launch spy saga

The platform has acquired the rights to Heart of stone. Worn by the star of Wonder woman, the thriller hopes to impose a heroine of the caliber of an 007.

Will James Bond find his female alter ego in the years to come? This is what Gal Gadot and Netflix are hoping for. The star of Wonder woman and the platform, which acquired the worldwide rights to it after disputed auctions, are joining forces to bring a James Bond-style female spy franchise project to fruition, announces the specialized site Deadline . If successful, it would be the first part of a long line.

Baptized Heart of stone (heart of stone in French), the project led by the Skydance studio is adorned with mystery and is at the very beginning of its development. No images were shot. Nothing has filtered out on its plot either. In front of the camera, we therefore find Gal Gadot (also a producer). The Israeli actress is well versed in the art of stunts and fights after more than five years of owning the whip of Amazon Diana Prince. The screenplay features Greg Rucka and Allison Schroeder, scribes in another energetic female action film from Netflix The Old Guard. In the making is Tom Harper who had already signed the epic The Aeronauts on the pioneers of balloon flights.

Sales that spark envy

This isn’t the first time that Gal Gadot has teamed up with Netflix. She just finished the high-flying robbery movie R for themed Notice in which she co-stars with Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson.

This is the second big hit of the week for Skydance, very active since the start of the pandemic, after the science fiction film The Tomorrow War. Starring Chris Pine, it would be of great interest to Amazon who would be willing to issue a check for $ 200 million.

Already the big winner of the 2020 cinema year, marked by the pandemic and the closure of theaters for containment, the Netflix platform intends to push its advantage. The firm will be released in 2021, no less than 70 feature films featuring a shower of stars. Something to make traditional studios jealous.


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