Gaël Monfils publishes messages of racist insults received after a defeat

The French Gaël Monfils published this Friday, September 18 on his Instagram account many insults, including some of a racist nature, received on social networks after his defeat on Thursday at the Masters 1000 in Rome.

In a story starting with the warning “Watch out for the eyes”, the world number nine scrolls through several messages that were visibly addressed to him in the night after his defeat in Rome. “Silly black monkey”, “Black bastard”, “Fucking slave”, “Looser”… Can we read in some messages.

Humorous and second-degree answers

Messages overall all very insulting for him or his relatives and for some frankly racist in reference to his skin color, to which Gaël Monfils responds most often with humor or with simple emoticons of black hands. “Unfortunately I was thoroughly, but very bad”, he wrote above the message of a user pointing out his weakness. And Gaël Monfils to conclude: “Not a nice evening, but I hope to come back stronger. “

Deon Meyer: “Racism is still there”

The Frenchman made his return to Rome after more than six months without a game, due to the coronavirus pandemic. But he was eliminated (6-2, 6-4) as soon as he entered the running in the second round by the German Dominik Koepfer, 97e global, based on qualifications.

“It was really bad. It frustrates me enormously to have played so badly ”, had railed at a press conference Gaël Monfils, just after this “Dirty match”, ten days before the start of Roland-Garros.

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