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G7 leaders warn Russia on the use of nuclear weapons, Biden said – ‘We will answer’

“We warn against any threat of the use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons or related materials,” G7 leaders said in a statement after the meeting in Brussels. Apart from this, US President Joe Biden said very clearly in that regard that if chemical weapons are used then he will take action. Joe Biden said if Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine “we will respond.”

Apart from this, Joe Biden said that he wants to get Russia out of G (Group)-20. He made this statement after emergency NATO meetings regarding Russia’s attack on Ukraine. He said that he would like Russia to be taken out of the group if Indonesia and others disagree, and he would like Ukrainian leaders to be included in the talks. The G-20 is an intergovernmental forum of 19 countries and the European Union, which works on major global issues.

UN blames Russia for humanitarian crisis in Ukraine
On the other hand, a resolution was passed unanimously in the United Nations General Assembly, in which Russia has been blamed for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Along with this, the resolution has appealed to immediately implement a ceasefire and protect homes, schools and hospitals, including lakhs of civilians.

This motion was passed by 5-140 votes. Five countries voted against it while 140 voted in favor of it. Belarus, Syria, North Korea and Eritrea, and Russia are among the five countries that voted against the resolution.

The resolution condemns the “serious humanitarian consequences” of Russia’s aggression. The resolution said that the international community had not seen such a major humanitarian crisis in Europe in the last several decades.

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