G7 discusses vaccine distribution Covid-19

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will meet online with G7 leaders next week to ensure an equal distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine worldwide.

The announcement was made by the British government on February 13. This is the first meeting since April 2020, also the first time Joe Biden has participated as President of the United States.

“The subject of the upcoming discussion includes solutions to the challenges we face, from the huge mission of making sure every country has access to vaccines, to the fight to recover from damage. harm caused to the ecosystem by nCoV, “Johnson said.

According to the British Prime Minister’s office, Johnson will call on G7 countries to work on a global approach to disease, such as designing an early warning system, aimed at ending “nationalism. and internal divisions have had a negative effect on the initial response of nations to the pandemic “.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that the “keep vaccines” policy in developed countries can put the poor at risk, and at the same time create conditions for the virus to continue to spread and mutate. .

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Image: Reuters.

The UK itself has been caught up in a dispute between the European Union (EU) and manufacturer AstraZeneca over vaccine supplies. This almost led to the EU’s application of urgent measures to prevent vaccine exports to the UK via Northern Ireland.

“The miraculous development of science and technology has given us the vaccines we need to end the pandemic forever. Now, governments have a responsibility to work together to use them,” Johnson declared. them as best they can. “

In June of this year, the UK is scheduled to hold the first live summit of G7 leaders in nearly two years in Cornwall. The meeting revolves around reconstruction, economic recovery after a pandemic and climate change. This is the UK’s top priority before the COP26 Conference, which takes place in November 2021.

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