Fundraising failed, Vietnamese game about victory 300475 “putting aside the dream”

After nearly a year since the announcement of crowdfunding for the game 300475, the Hiker Games studio confirmed that it had to stop this project because it could not raise enough investment capital.

According to the plan, the crowdfunding for the game 300475 will take place in 1 year, starting from May 2021. The goal of the development team is to raise 20 billion VND to implement the project.

However, after 12 months of crowdfunding, the project has only received more than 1 billion VND from 786 supporters. This amount is less than 5.5% of the initial capital raising plan. Faced with that fact, Hiker Games – the 300475 development unit has just announced that it will close the project.

Logo of the shooting game 300475.

“It is a pity that once again Hiker Games had to put aside the dream of telling Vietnamese stories through games.

To be honest, even though we know in advance that the probability of crowdfunding success is extremely low, so low that it can be called impossible, but we still hold on to hope.

So the truth is that we are sad to have to say goodbye. But it’s still just a fleeting sadness,” the 300475 game developer shared on the project’s official fanpage.

Hiker Games 300475 closing statement.

According to Hiker Games, over the past year, this unit has had moments of reliving the emotions when making the game 7554.

“It was a moment of being able to “Relive heroic memories” of my own, more or less. For that, we have to thank you”, a representative of Hiker Games shared.

Due to the unsuccessful fundraising for the game 300475, this unit said it will immediately return the money raised from supporters. Hiker Games also announced that the refund could take a few days.

An image in the trailer of the game 300475.

Before the sharing of the 300475 developer, on the project’s fanpage, many feedbacks from gamers expressed their regret when the idea of ​​​​building the game could not be realized into a product.

“Hopefully the project will only be paused and can be completed later. If Hiker Games can’t be completed, it will be difficult to find a studio with enough heart to make such meaningful historical games in the future,” said gamer Dang Xuan Truong.

The reason Vietnamese gamers expect 300475 so much is because Hiker Games is known as one of the studios with many pioneering footsteps in the game field in Vietnam.

In 2011, Hiker Games Studio was famous and widely known when it successfully developed the 7554 shooting game inspired by the Dien Bien Phu campaign. This is also the studio that made the first MMO RTS game on PC in Vietnam.

Here are a few images extracted from the trailer of the game 300475:

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