Full text of Minister Nguyen Manh Hung’s speech at the MobiFone Chairman’s Decision Ceremony

Dear Comrade Nguyen Hoang Anh, Member of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Capital Management Committee,

Dear Comrade Nguyen Long Hai, Alternate Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Central Business Sector,

Dear comrade delegates,

Dear leaders of MobiFone Corporation,

Comrades and Friends,

Among the three largest telecommunications enterprises in Vietnam, Viettel, VNPT and MobiFone, now MobiFone Corporation has the youngest president, born in 1974. The leadership of all three of these enterprises has been consolidated, basically. They all have around 10 years left to write a new page in the development history of their business. Inheriting the past and opening up the future is always the responsibility of the new leadership. Open up a new future, open up a new space, go your own way, overcome the difficulties and challenges of your time and create the success of your generation. For a business, especially a digital technology enterprise, 10 years is long enough to write a new page, creating a big change in strategy.

In the past 5 years, MobiFone is still basically in the phase of coming out of the crisis. MobiFone’s crisis is a triple crisis. Firstly, the AVG case lost two generations of MobiFone’s leaders. The second is that the telecommunications market has slowed down, due to the maturity, while the carriers have not discovered or boldly invested in new areas. And thirdly, after a long period of low investment in infrastructure, MobiFone’s network has revealed its inferiority, affecting its competitiveness. Now, it’s time for MobiFone to officially declare its exit from the crisis. Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang, former Chairman of MobiFone, was the one who brought MobiFone out of the crisis. We would like to thank Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang for this contribution. The breakthrough of MobiFone will now be assigned to Mr. Nguyen Hong Hien.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung presents flowers to congratulate MobiFone Chairman Nguyen Hong Hien.

MobiFone’s new chairman Nguyen Hong Hien is an immature person from the telecommunications field. This is probably the first case. Someone might see this as a disadvantage. This is true when the future is an extension of the past, when choosing people for the future is based heavily on past performance, on past experience. But when a major change is happening, when a new industrial revolution is underway, when the future is not on the stretch of the past, outsiders can be an advantage. This appointment is based more on Mr. Hien’s potential than on his past achievements and experience. And this is also a great test of cadre work. Mr. Hien will have to prove this to be true.

If the General Director and the Chairman are a clearing couple, it is the fortune of an enterprise. One is specialized, the other is extensive. One is analytic, the other is integrative. One is tactical, the other is strategic. One person builds a house, another designs a house. One person solves the problem, the other one poses the problem. One is fighting, the other is negotiating. One person does it, one person supervises and reminds them early to protect workers. One maintains, the other destroys. One person works within the framework, the other person expands the framework. One person commands, the other persuades and encourages. One person focuses more on working with managers, another person talks more with the bottom person, which is employees, residents, and customers.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Hien from today will become the main character of MobiFone. Stepping onto the main stage under bright lights, everything will be greatly amplified. Everyone in the organization will look to the President for vision, inspiration, and cues. And that’s a lot of pressure.

MobiFone now needs more than a belief, a new atmosphere, a new breeze, a new spirit. Maybe, MobiFone needs more than a promoter instead of a leader. A spiritual support for MobiFone. It takes a person in the back more than someone in the front.

Mission, vision and core values ​​were formed from the time of “building the country”, once it has become a gene, MobiFone should keep it, and other things can be changed. Difficult times and disorientation are times when, more than ever, we have to return to our roots to find a new path from there.

The second innovation of telecommunications is happening. The major orientations of the industry have been pointed out by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The national digital infrastructure development strategy will soon be promulgated by the Prime Minister. At this point, it’s time to find an approach that suits the context of MobiFone to do.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Hien today received a great responsibility. But the person who carries a great responsibility will receive great energy, provided that the person is always aware of his or her responsibility and worries about it day and night. I wish Mr. Nguyen Hong Hien will receive great energy to join with MobiFone brothers to write a new page in MobiFone history. The Ministry of Information and Communications, as the Ministry of Industry Management, will always be the first address for MobiFone to go to when facing difficulties.

Thank you very much, comrades!

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung


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