From Vietnam remote examination with doctors in Korea

HanoiFrom Green Pon Hospital, patients can be examined, diagnosed, consulted and treated by doctors in Korea thanks to the remote examination and treatment system.

Telemedicine connection cooperation was signed by Green Poly Hospital and Anam Korean University Hospital on January 26. Two hospitals with a social enterprise jointly operate the counseling system, remote examination and treatment and related Telemedicine activities.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hung, Director of Green Pon Hospital, said the two hospitals cooperate to share experiences, train, research and provide medical treatment. Doctors examine, diagnose, consult and treat directly or remotely patients in Vietnam or Korea.

Xanh Poon is the first class hospital in Hanoi with more than 600 hospital beds, annually inpatient treatment for 45,000 patients, including serious patients from lower level hospitals and provinces.

“This cooperation helps patients have an additional channel for examination and treatment, bringing more efficiency”, Mr. Hung said.

In Vietnam, telemedicine services have developed strongly since the occurrence of Covid-19. Currently, the country has 1,500 connected remote examination and treatment points. The system of remote medical examination and treatment opens a new stage in diagnosis and treatment, with the goal that all medical facilities, especially the district level, are continuously supported with professional expertise; All people get medical support as often as needed.

Le Nga