From the prediction of billions of dollars at the opening to the rebirth of Viettel Telecom 4.0

The rebirth is often referred to as a brilliant rebound from zero. But with Viettel Group and the “nuclear” Viettel Telecom, while still standing at No. 1 in the telecommunications market, they were perform a journey of renewing yourself as a “rebirth”.

In 2004, Viettel officially provided mobile services. Before its opening, the company held an internal meeting at a small hotel. “At that time, we did not know how to win or lose, we did not know how the market would react, but still asked a question: 5 years later, what will Viettel Mobile (the predecessor of Viettel Telecom – PV)? “, Mr. Le Dang Dung, Acting Chairman cum General Director of Viettel Group recounted.

Being a small center (Viettel Mobile), before the above question, many members attending the meeting that day guessed, Viettel probably only reached a few hundred thousand subscribers. Mr. Le Dang Dung confidently made forecasts with staggering numbers: 5 years from now, Viettel Telecom will have 7-8 million subscribers and start to have 1 billion USD.

The billion-dollar figure immediately met with disapproval because it was so unbelievable. However, just over 4 years later (in 2008), Viettel has surpassed the billion dollar mark (reaching 33,000 billion VND). The group’s success that has been mentioned for the past 20 years is creating a telecommunications revolution in Vietnam, popularizing excellent mobile services to the point of bringing Vietnam into the top of countries with good telecommunications services. and the cheapest rates in the world.

The story of 20 years like that, but the story 25, 30 years will be what?

In fact, since 2017, some services which are the “golden egg” for Viettel Telecom are voice and SMS that have not grown and declined continuously due to the explosion of OTT applications such as Facebook, Viber, Zalo … Many other services that match the trend have been created but not enough to compensate, and also cannot meet the high growth demand of Viettel Telecom.

At this time, although Viettel Telecom has about 70 million customers, accounting for more than 50% of the mobile market share, but with such rapid changes in technology, the market changes, the company is very fast. This could fall into a no longer clientele.

Mr. Le Dang Dung, Acting Chairman and General Director of Viettel Group “Saturation” is a much-mentioned status for the telecommunications industry in recent years. In fact, the revenue of major telecommunications corporations in the world is going sideways or going down. However, according to Mr. Le Dang Dung, “perhaps these numbers are still huge, making people not aware of the need to change quickly”.

Meanwhile, the market power is gradually belonging to corporations providing digital services named Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba … Do not own, they only use Internet infrastructure of telecommunications businesses and occupy to take care of people’s lives through technology and diversified digital services. The encroachment happened very quickly, while the large telecommunications enterprises were slow in providing digital services.

As a connection service provider, a traditional telecommunications business (like Viettel Telecom) often focuses on building infrastructure. Meanwhile, a digital business will focus on researching consumer behavior with the big question of how do we make the customer experience better? And how to link metrics from one system to another?

“Therefore, not all telecommunications businesses will transform well in the digital environment if they do not see new needs of customers. Most of them only keep the position of a connected business, while creating new value for customers is ignored ”, a leader of Viettel Group analyzed.

Facing this situation, the Acting Chairman and General Director of Viettel Group emphasized: “Viettel must quickly transform from traditional telecommunications to digital enterprise and must combine two roles. That is the rebirth of Viettel Telecom “.

In the new phase, Viettel Telecom positions itself as a digital telecommunications company, or a company that provides digital services on telecommunications platforms. That means, Viettel Telecom still maintains its position as the number one telecommunications company in Vietnam, but the service method changes, in line with the new needs of customers. The services provided by Viettel Telecom will be based on high-speed Internet (on mobile and fixed) so that customers can use digital services at home or anywhere.

Why not 2 or 3 times but 30 times? – That is a question many people ask Mr. Cao Anh Son, General Director of Viettel Telecom when launching “national data package” called ST (super-speed). Instead of being offered a few hundred MB or 1GB / month, only 1,000 VND, with ST packages, users are provided 1GB / day.

“The demand for using high-speed data on smartphones is huge. Design a package of a few hundred MB, they will save, self-regulate their behavior and use only in that space. When using a large capacity package with a low price, customers’ needs will open up and change consumer behavior ”- Mr. Cao Anh Son shared.

If the data breakthrough shows Viettel Telecom’s move in popularizing 4G high-speed Internet to the entire population on mobile services, recently, they have also attracted attention when coordinating with BKAV company of Nguyen Tu. Quang gave birth to the smartphone “brick”. This is a basic phone that is equipped with some smartphone features, supports 4G network – a feature not all basic phones have, to replace the old basic machines that will not be used. when 2G waves are cut off in 2022.

In addition, Viettel Telecom cooperates with Vingroup to offer a preferential package to buy smartphones with a special 4G package, with the price of only 600,000 VND for Vsmart Bee Lite 4G (normal price for phones is 1,500,000 VND). The company is expected to continue to cooperate with other smartphone manufacturers to carry out similar programs.

The above examples are a testament to the rebirth of Viettel Telecom with new directions. They are still the number 1 telecom enterprise above in Vietnam but play a role in creating new infrastructure for digital society: combining with many other companies to popularize high-speed mobile Internet connection for everyone.

With services for customers, Viettel also changes the way of interacting with the transfer of store services to a digital environment with My Viettel application. In addition, this company also made a revolution in customer care in the telecommunications industry with 100% of Viettel’s service users on the list of regular care. This is something that has never happened to any carrier because they only take regular care and accumulate preferential points for VIP customers only.

In terms of strategy, My Viettel is oriented to become “remote control”, meaning that customers can do everything on this application, from product discovery, product purchase to care activities. the customer then resolves the complaint. In addition, this application is also developed to become Digital Martket Place when Viettel associates with many other reputable service and product providers.

To make such big shifts at Viettel Telecom to help this company “regenerate”, the operating tools inside also need a revolution. According to Mr. Cao Anh Son, General Director of Viettel Telecom, in order to do this, Viettel Telecom must completely digitize its internal operations before. This company applies digital processes, using Big Data, AI … when making business decisions and creating personalized service products for each customer.

“With nearly 70 million customers, the process of creating new products and services is now only in hours”, said Viettel Telecom General Director.

In fact, the “rebirth” of Viettel Telecom in the 4.0 phase is not only seen in major strategic directions, it is a continuous process, taking place every day, from small and frequent things … The number one telecommunications company in Vietnam is changing day by day, with a specific goal by 2025: revenue of VND 100,000 billion.


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