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From surprise to surrender, how Imran Khan, who gave the slogan of ‘Naya Pakistan’, lost his ‘confidence’

Imran Khan, the head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party, could not save his government even after all the efforts. In the vote of no confidence in the National Assembly late Saturday night, 174 votes were cast against him and he lost his chair, but Imran Khan tried to save the match till the last ball. For this he adopted many tricks, but he did not get success. The question arises that why Imran Khan, who came to power miraculously by giving the slogan of ‘Naya Pakistan’, became bold on the pitch of Rajinit in just three years, why he lost the confidence of his own people. Many reasons account for this. Today we will talk about it one by one.

These are the reasons that broke the trust

Imran Khan has always been no less than a hero for Pakistan. Pakistan won the Cricket World Cup under his captaincy. He was also the hero of the country because of his all-round game. After cricket, when he came on the pitch of politics, he gradually established himself here as well and seeing his party made a mark in the whole country. On 18 August 2018, he took oath as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, but gradually the match went out of his hands. There are three main reasons behind this.

1. Situation of economic crisis in the country

The financial condition of Pakistan was worse even before Imran. During the elections, he had shown the dreams of Naya Pakistan to the country. He also made many promises. People voted for him in the hope of change and hope. Imran initially tried his best to bring the country’s economy back on track, but he could not succeed. Gradually the situation worsened and in the last few months the country is facing a huge economic crisis. There inflation is increasing continuously and people are getting worried. Rising unemployment, declining International Monetary Fund and many other things have pushed Pakistan towards Sri Lanka-like situation. Making these an issue, the opposition had brought a no-confidence motion.

2. Lost people’s trust

In fact, when Imran was not succeeding in fulfilling his promises, the media, common people and opposition party leaders started asking questions. Imran Khan’s government could not digest these questions. The government tried to suppress those asking questions. Legal action was taken on many of these. Despite all this, the popularity of Imran Khan decreased and he started coming down from the eyes of the people.

3. Corruption also the reason

During the government of Imran Khan, many allegations of corruption have been made by the opposition parties continuously. It is alleged that in the province where Imran Khan’s party was the CM, money was taken for any work there. Money was taken in the game of transfers. A team used to work for this. All these reasons also raised questions about his leadership. Many leaders of his party left the party for this reason.

4. Distance made by the army

This factor is also very important in the failure of Imran Khan’s power. In fact, he had a good rapport with the army for the first two years. He remained very close to Pakistan Army Chief Bajwa, but in the last 1 year his distance from the army kept increasing. In the last few months, there has been a lot of gap in this. Last month, he even once praised the Indian Army. When the opposition was besieging him, he tried his best to save the chair by taking the army into confidence, but his one did not work and Bajwa also advised him to quit.

5. Country ruined, but loved ones’ wealth increased

Pakistan, of course, became worse during the time of Imran Khan, but during his tenure, the wealth of some of his friends increased rapidly. This also raised many questions. Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi’s friend Farah Khan’s wealth increased by 4 times during Imran Khan’s tenure. Opposition parties made it an issue.

6. Gritty sitting in the midst of saving the chair

When the date for voting on the no-confidence motion in the House was nearing and Imran seemed to be losing his chair, he played a foreign conspiracy card to save it. He also claimed to have a letter, but did not make it public. Shortly before the vote, the deputy speaker of the assembly rejected the no-confidence motion. After this, Imran Khan recommended the President to dissolve the National Assembly, but the opposition reached the Supreme Court calling it wrong. The Supreme Court overturned both these decisions and asked for a vote on the no-confidence motion. With all these efforts, Imran Khan is doing his bit.

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