From Sous le Soleil to Emily in Paris, Lucas Bravo, the “French lover” in vogue in Hollywood

PORTRAIT – In the guise of the beautiful gourmet neighbor of the heroine ofEmily in Paris, the 33-year-old from Nice went from shadow to light without transition, becoming, despite himself, the symbol of French charm. He now turns alongside the icons of the seventh art.

Of a small role in the soap Under the sun as a sex symbol. This is the celebrity particle accelerator that Lucas Bravo went through. Criticized for its accumulation of clichés about Paris and the French way of life, Netflix’s hit comedy Emily in Paris has at least been unanimous on one point: the potential and photogenicity of the 33-year-old actor from Nice. In the guise of the handsome neighbor and fine cordon-bleu who fell in love with the American expatriate prone to cultural oddities, Lucas Bravo has become the young French shooter in vogue in Hollywood.

It took his conviction to give depth to this Gabriel and transform this smooth and unfaithful “boy next door” into an ambivalent and fragile millennial. “I wanted a modern guy. Not a charmer who is so confident in himself that he betrays his partner without batting an eyelid, does what he wants. I shaped a more lost character that looks a bit like the teenager I was, connected to her part of femininity. Gabriel knows he’s not…

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