From Mulan to Peaky Blinders: the Spanish fashion designer who dresses films and series around the world

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – At 54, Javier Toledo left a management position in a multinational and bought a textile company from his sister. Almost ten years later, this company, Peris Costumes, is one of the largest tailoring workshops for the film industry in the world.

By Celia Fernandez (El País)

Behind the scenes of Peaky Blinders, The Bridgerton Chronicle, Plague or of Pirates of the Caribbean, is busy, in the shadows, a Spanish entrepreneur: Javier Toledo (62 years old, Madrid), at the helm of Peris Costumes, one of the largest sewing workshops for the film industry in the world: a group based in an industrial zone in Algete (Madrid) and active in seven countries in Europe and Latin America, whose warehouses house six million pieces of clothing in order to meet the needs of more than 600 productions each year. Not even 10 years ago, the company had only five employees and a collection of 800,000 pieces. To find its origins, however, we must go back to the 19th century.and century, when Peris Costumes was a small family tailor shop in Valencia.

For Toledo, the seventh art was not even a passion. But his brother is a filmmaker and his sister is a costume designer, and the…

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