From depressed girl to beauty arena

Ben treLe Ngoc Phuong Thao, 27 years old, contestant of Miss Universe 2022, suffered from severe depression until she found the motivation to revive from yoga exercises.

“At that time, I always just wanted to be alone, cried a lot, often thought negatively, got angry with people, sometimes even yelled and smashed things,” Thao recalls 4 years ago – during the time when she suffered from depression due to the pressure of making a living. At that time, the salary of several million dong of a fresh graduate was not enough for a young girl from Ben Tre to pay for rent, travel, living and studying in the middle of Saigon.

While walking, she happened to see a sports center opening, with yoga classes. Without thinking much, Thao signed up and tried it out. Since then, her interest in this subject rekindled, making the girl determined to study and become a yoga teacher.

Le Ngoc Phuong Thao is a contestant at Miss Universe 2022. Photo: Characters provided

The first few days of practicing yoga were not easy, Thao was having many difficulties with psychological problems, so she could not concentrate. Her body is also not used to the exercises that require endurance, which makes her discouraged. Later, putting all concerns aside, Thao almost spent all her time practicing, regularly 5-6 times a week.

The more she practices, the more she discovers that yoga movements have a great impact on the spirit, practice high concentration, from which the mind becomes more and more comfortable. For example, the fish pose helps to release blockages from the throat chakras and the heart chakras, preserve the youthful beauty of the face, improve wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin. This position needs to lie comfortably, from the crown of the head to the toes touching each other in a straight line, then simultaneously lift the chest, neck and prop the top of the head to the floor. When practicing, it is necessary to close your eyes slightly, relax your breath and facial muscles, slightly close your lips or smile slightly, relax your mind, accept the comfort that comes inside, hold for about 15 seconds.

When getting used to this subject, Thao began to perform difficult movements. Banana pose is only for those who practice for a long time and have a direct instructor. This movement has very good effects such as increasing blood circulation to the brain, training concentration, reducing stress, releasing your limits.

Low Plank, also known as low plank, the most difficult movement, exercises belly fat, helps train concentration, endurance. This movement requires strong arms and shoulders and strong abdominal muscles to keep the body in a straight line. Persevering, Thao masterfully practiced this technique.

Along with yoga, Thao works out in the gym to focus on the third muscle group, walking 10 km, cycling 20 km and playing other sports. Gradually, Thao feels that practicing yoga relieves negative energy and gets rid of depression when it’s not good.

“That change spread to the outside, I can also pass on the experience to many acquaintances to help them get through the most difficult time of the Covid pandemic in the middle of last year,” the girl said.

The Low Plank is one of the hardest moves.  Photo: Character provided

Low Plank is one of the most difficult yoga moves. Image: Characters provided

Not only improving the spirit, yoga gives Thao a healthy body and a toned, durable body. Her back was too thin, after a year of practice, it became fuller and more muscular. The amount of visceral fat and fat in the arms or thighs both decreased significantly. Phuong Thao’s three-round measurement from 84-67-93 cm has now decreased to 83-61-92 cm, weighing 60 kg to 56 kg.

In particular, the girl’s legs were twice injured in an accident, sometimes she suffered from joint and knee pain. After practicing yoga, she completely recovered. In addition, the problems of allergic rhinitis or changes in the weather easily made her difficult before, thanks to her persistence in practicing yoga without getting sick anymore.

When she has many skills in yoga and a passion for this subject, Thao decided to open a teaching class to spread positive energy to everyone. The yoga discipline she is pursuing is ashtanga yoga, an ancient yoga school suitable for both men and women with very difficult calorie-burning movements. Ashtanga yoga focuses on strengthening, toning, improving flexibility, reducing stress, anxiety, reducing injury, improving cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure and helping to increase creativity and concentration. .. Every day, Phuong Thao teaches and learns to improve and improve her expertise.

Phuong Thao's body measures 3 rounds 83-61-92 after 4 years of practicing yoga.  Photo: Character provided

Phuong Thao’s body measures 3 rounds 83-61-92 cm after 4 years of practicing yoga. Image: Characters provided

Thao said that what she has at the moment is physical strength and especially mental strength. “Those two things come together, making me more alert than ever to see and overcome obstacles,” she said.

Phuong Thao registered to participate in the Miss Universe 2022 contest with the determination to conquer the crown, thereby having many opportunities to participate in organizing and propagating charitable activities, sharing difficulties, and helping children in farming. villages have access to education, protect children from domestic violence.

“A happy life is an extremely valuable gift that yoga and sports bring to me. From a person with depression and anxiety disorder, I am always at peace and ready to share my experience and knowledge of treatment. heal others,” Thao shared.

Yoga saves girl from depression

Phuong Thao modeled a few yoga poses for strength training. Video: Characters provided

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