French stock marketers in turn seize derivatives

Posted on Feb 9, 2019 2021 at 17:40Updated Feb 9, 2019 2021 at 17:44

The GameStop phenomenon, which rocked Wall Street across the Atlantic, captivated crowds of investors and fascinated the world of finance. To the point that the French gendarme of the financial markets, usually reluctant to comment on current affairs, has published a series of questions and answers on the mechanics at play: securities lending, price manipulation, regulatory oversight… Above all, he makes the light on the likelihood of such a runaway occurring in France.

In fact, the appetite of the French for the stock market has rebounded strongly in recent years. The lockdowns have prompted many savers to take an interest in the markets, here as in the United States. And French individuals have also seized on derivative products, which are riskier than investing in equities. At the end of June 2020, France had thus recorded the strongest annual growth in online trading of unlisted derivatives in Europe (+ 46%), and a doubling of the number of users of listed derivatives, according to an Investment Trends study. for IG Group, the leader in this market.

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