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French President asks G-7 countries to lift the ban on export of vaccine raw materials to India

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday urged the G-7 countries to lift the ban imposed on the export of raw materials needed for the manufacture of corona vaccine in India. He suggested that this would help in the production of vaccines in poor countries. Earlier, he expressed the hope that there would be an agreement between the G-7 countries in this regard.

Addressing before the G-7 summit, the French President underlined the export ban imposed by the G-7 countries, due to which production in many other countries came to a halt. He said that even in middle-income countries, the production of vaccine has stopped, which is very necessary for poor countries. He said that “I would like to take an example of this as India.”

Macron stressed, “India, especially the Serum Institute of India, was banned by the G-7 economies on the export of raw materials for vaccine production. The restrictions must be lifted so that India can increase its production on its own and It can be supplied to African countries, which are completely dependent on their production.

G-7 leaders gathered for the commitment of the corona virus vaccine to the world

Here, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomed the leaders of this group at the G7 summit in Corbys Bay on Friday. These leaders have gathered at one place for the first time since the start of the Kovid-19 pandemic. In the discussion of these leaders, the issue of corona virus was expected to dominate the prominence.

At the same time, leaders of this group of wealthy countries were expected to commit to share at least one billion doses of vaccine for struggling countries. Before the start of the G-7 summit in south-west Britain, US President Joe Biden committed 500 million doses and Johnson committed to share 100 million doses of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine. The main emphasis of this summit will be on recovery from Kovid-19.

Biden said, “Together with our global partners, we are going to help the world get out of this epidemic.” The G-7 also includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

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